Employment Notice No.RRC/NR 02/2017(S&G)
In pursuance to E.N.No.RRC/NR 02/2017(S&G), a written test for 14 posts in Level-1 and 2 posts in Level-2 against Scout & Guide Quota was held online on 30.01.2018 for 340 and 227 candidates respectively. 307 candidates for Level-1 and 206 candidates for Level-2 appeared in the said examination. Before issuing list of shortlisted candidates for 2nd stage of examination, it was decided to call for the online objections from the candidates on the answer key proposed to be applied for evaluation process.

After considering the objection, it was found that no change is required in the proposed answer key for Level-2 examination. However following action was taken in case of level-1 :-
1. Answer option for Question No. 5 (Question ID - 31) revised as chattishgarh (ID No. 119) as correct option instead of Madhya Pradesh (ID No. 118).
2. Question No. 09(ID 09), 20(ID 08), 30(ID 20) and 38(ID 14) found appropriate to be deleted from the evaluation being either wrong question or correct option not given though proportionate benifit of marks given to all candidates uniformly in lieu of same. The questions so deleted are shown as "discarded" in the online response sheet of all candidates.

It is also noted that few candidate for level-1 examination has raised objections about questions asked in the online written examination were out of syllabus. This objection holds no ground as due weightage to scouting also given in the scheme of examination already notified. Questions marked under "Flagged" category in the online written examination by the candidate not included in the evaluation process in consonance with the terms & condition of the online examination instructions. Candidates scoring 40% declared qualified, as no post reserved for any category for the Skill Assessment Test limiting the number 5 times the vacancies notified extending upto candidate having equal marks to the cut-off point. Accordingly 12 candidate for Level-2 and only 24 candidates who qualified for Level-1 vacancies provisionaly shortlisted for Scouting Skill Assessment Test held on 20.03.2018 and 24.03.2018 respectively. Subsequently a provisional panel for both the levels was issued vide letter no. 220E/S&G/Recruitment/R&P/2017-18 dated 27.03.2018 was issued by Dy. CPO/R. Baroda House and same is available/uploaded on RRC website.
Accordingly, with the issuance of provisional panel, the recruitment process now stands completed and all conserned candidates can view or download Marks, Online Responce Sheet, Essay Sheet etc. on the given link below for the period of 1 month from today i.e upto 04.05.2018. After this date no request for providing the same will be accepted as availability of it is limited for reason of time bound access to the server.
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